Intellect Pleasure

About Us

Welcome To Intellect Pleasure

The concept of our library is based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences by Dr. Howard Gardner, Developmental Psychologist and Professor of Cognition and Education at Harvard University, who states that there are eight learning styles and all children are unique in their own ways.

Our Vision

To help all children including those with learning difficulties and disabilities.

Our Mission

We aim at making learning fun through a wide range of games, puzzles, books and DVDS that we rent out to children aged three and above at reasonable schemes.

Apart from their intellectual progress, we also care for their moral growth with a variety of books that reinforce traditional customs in fun and innovative ways beyond enhancing their reading skills.

We do an intense research in choosing age-appropriate products that benefit the overall development of children. We also conduct regular classes and interactive weekend workshops, which help them identify their true potentials and enhance the same.